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redefine your living spaces, so they fit your unique lifestyle


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Remodeling a master bath? Renovating your home?  Designing a new kitchen?   It all begins with a conversation.  Before I design a space, I spend a great deal of time getting to know you, your needs and your vision. My holistic approach, coupled with the desire to build relationships, allows for an in-depth understanding of how a space will be used.  The result is a custom design with no detail left unattended regardless of size.  A design not just for today, but one that will transcend generations with characteristics uniquely tailored to your lifestyle.[/ppb_text]

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Project Management

Implementing a design requires the cooperation of a variety of professionals, all of whom must complement each other to ensure a seamless transition in bringing your vision to life. Keeping your project on time and on budget requires a qualified expert with an eye for detail.  I choose to only work with those I have vetted myself and share my high standards of excellence.[/ppb_text]

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Cabinetry and Counter Tops

As a long-lasting investment in your home and your lifestyle, cabinetry is oftentimes the largest and most critical element of a design. From stock cabinetry to custom casework and worktops to finish your space, I will personally guide you through the possibilities, so the choices made are the best ones for you.  All casework are made in the US with a variety of materials, finishes and hardware to truly make it your own.[/ppb_text]

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Many products that I offer qualify for LEED points. From large multi-unit real estate projects to a zen-inspired yoga studio, I bring the same dedication to all types of commercial projects.[/ppb_text]

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“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

 -Frank Gehry



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“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

–Joe Sparano


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Eco-Conscious Design 

It is with great pride that I specialize in green design; it is a core component of all services, ensuring minimal environmental impact. This includes using a variety of sustainable woods that have been harvested responsibly and recycling materials whenever possible.